COVID-19 App

We, students at The LEAGUE for Amazing Programmers, programmed a COVID-19 app in Java to help our community during this pandemic. This app has many features: concentration maps, bar and pie graphs, current news, a timeline, the availability of nearby testing sites, links to purchase supplies, and a symptom and regulation check-in. Scroll down and/or click the navigation bar to learn more about the features and see how they work.


The concentration map feature displays four major COVID-19 statistics — positive increase, death increase, currently hospitalized, and total recovered — by calculating the radii for the circle of each state. These statistics were gathered from the API at


The graph features works in unison with the map by displaying both a bar and pie graphs. The bar graph contains a vertical bar for each state while the pie graph displays the top five states.


The news feature retrieves current news concerning updates on the coronavirus by using Google's News API. Then, it displays the title of the article, the author, a small description, date, and time it was published. When clicked, you will be brought to the webpage of the article.


The timeline feature works along with the map and graph features. There is a slide bar that represents a timeline and whereever you move the selector, the date is appropriately changed along with its data that is displayed in the map and graphs.

Testing Sites

As a local San Diegan, there's an additional feature for finding testing sites throughout San Diego county. Each site includes it's available hours throughout the week when clicked.


There are links to Amazon that provide protection from COVID-19. These include masks and any other supply you would like to search for.

Symptoms and Regulations

The symptoms feature contains clickable buttons that will bring you to a medical wesbite to help check if you are experiencing any of the symptoms including: fever/chills, sore throat, coughing, congestion, fatigue, runny nose, short of breath, nausea, headache, vomiting, loss of taste, and diarrhea. The regulations feature contains a short reminder about what you can do to stay healthy during the pandemic; when clicked, it takes you to the California regulations website.

About Us

Athena Hernández — Ayo! I'm part of The Bishop's School's class of 2023. Besides programming, I enjoy figure skating, playing the violin, tutoring, and playing basketball. In my free time, I like to read and browse YouTube. I had fun making the website!
Daxton Gutekunst — A sophomore at Bishop's who likes to tutor, play ping pong, and program.
Kayla Brewer — A junior at CCA who likes playing video games and programming in Java. It was a fun challenge to figure out the pie chart graph.
Dhruv Wadhwa — A junior at SRHS who likes playing tennis and programming. My favorite part about working on the project was being able to collaborate with different people.
Alvin Wang — A freshman at CCA who likes gaming, watching anime, and programming.